The timsTOF SCP for quantitative single cell biology research with unbiased, deep single-cell 4D-Proteomics™, immunopeptidomics, epiproteomics and PTM analysis to complement scRNA-seq. Expanding the horizons of single cell research.

Expanding the horizons of single cell research

Ultra-High Sensitivity

Ground-breaking design of a novel ion source geometry for up to five times higher ion transfer and ultra-high robustness.

Data Completeness

Data independent acquisition–parallel accumulation serial fragmentation (dia-PASEF) pushes the limits of reproducible quantification to pave the way to study cell heterogeneity at scale.

Acquisition Speed

High acquisition speed combined with dia-PASEF sensitivity enables analysis at short liquid chromatography (LC) runs without chromatographic dilution of very low sample amounts.


Double orthogonal reflection into trapped ion mobility spectrometry (TIMS) enables routine operation over thousands of samples without instrument cleaning.

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Redefining single cell proteomics

Advanced ion optics and PASEF to investigate cell heterogeneity and biology from a single cell
Mass spectrometric proteomics has become a staple of modern research in understanding biological function and disease mechanisms. Healthy or diseased tissues that seem homogenous are composed of cells with a variety of different proteomes. The challenge of deciphering the proteomes in each single cell – the cell heterogeneity – holds the key to fully understanding its function.
The timsTOF SCP offers a radically improved ion source concept. Combined with parallel accumulation serial fragmentation (PASEF®) acquisition methods, it provides extremely high speed and sensitivity to tackle proteomes of single cells or post translational modifications in a few cells that are morphologically or functionally similar.


Besides unbiased true single cell proteomics applications, the timsTOF SCP also offers outstanding sensitivity for workflows that involve enrichment of peptides from the proteome. Immunopeptidomics studies start with purification of immunopeptides from plasma or tissue.
Since immunopeptides are present at relatively low abundance in these samples, the timsTOF SCP is ideal for immunpeptidomics for neo-antigen discovery where the available material is limited, as in needle biopsies. The timsTOF SCP also has the sensitivity to revolutionize the use of phosphoproteomics for the study of signaling pathways in cancer.

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