timsTOF fleX MALDI-2

timsTOF fleX MALDI-2


MALDI-2 increases sensitivity by up to 1-3 orders of magnitude depending on sample, analyte and matrix.


MALDI-2 ionizes a wider range of chemical classes by reducing ion suppression effects, expanding chemical range for targeted analytes in MALDI Imaging.

A second laser is available for post-ionization

The overall low ion yield and sensitivity issues due to ion suppression, using traditional MALDI, make the imaging analysis of samples sometimes very challenging. Our answer to these problems is MALDI-2. The post-ionization technique reduces ion suppression effects and improves sensitivity by orders of magnitude.
After the initial MALDI process, a second laser, sitting parallel to the sample surface, fires into the evolving plume and post-ionizes neutral (mainly matrix) molecules. A charge transfer from post-ionized matrix molecules to neutral analyte molecules leads to an amazing sensitivity gain for many analytes.

timsTOF fleX MALDI-2

MALDI-2 increases sensitivity by orders of magnitude

timsTOF fleX is now available with the innovative and powerful MALDI-2 technology option. This post-ionization technique leads to both a significant boost in ion yields and reduction in ion suppression effects, resulting in a signal increase of up to 1-3 orders of magnitude compared to traditional MALDI experiments. For a MALDI Imaging experiment, this increased efficiency translates to more than double the number of molecules detected per pixel resulting in much improved physiological context.


Upregulated compounds in brain tissue

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