scimaX® is powered by 2xR MRMS technology, bringing the “high hanging fruit” within easy reach

Patented ParaCell 2xR detector

scimaX® comes standard with ParaCell 2xR and AMP detection technology. The ParaCell is a departure from traditional MRMS cell strategies and provides uncommon broadband ion stability resulting in resolution orders of magnitude above other detection schemes. The ParaCell in combination with Absorption Mode Processing algorithms is the prerequisite for routine access to Isotopic Fine Structure (IFS) Information.

7T conduction cooled magnet technology

A second laser is available for post-ionization

Bruker‘s revolutionary 7T superconducting magnet technology is the basis of the smaller footprint scimaX® MRMS system. This key innovation uses ‘conduction cooling’ technology, which removes the requirements to fill liquid cryogens or provide quench ducts.
The scimaX® can be operated in a standard laboratory space, enabling a wider range of scientific disciplines to gain access to the power of MRMS technology.

scimaX MRMS

Unique ESI/MALDI dual source

Only Bruker instruments allow operation of a unique ESI/MALDI dual source. This source is included with any scimaX® and can either run liquid samples introduced via the Electrospray ionization (ESI) source or from MALDI samples. This highly sensitive MALDI source uses Bruker’s smartbeam-II laser technology and provides several small focus diameters for various applications with different sample preparation techniques. Fast switchover between MALDI and ESI operation is controlled by a software push button, so even simultaneous ESI/MALDI operation is possible.

Ion activation techniques

scimaX® includes a variety of ion activation techniques, including ECD, ETD, CID, EDD, SORI-CID, MALDI-ISD, and NETD capabilities.

Unique ESI/MALDI dual source

MALDI and MALDI Imaging 
scimaX® is the ultimate MALDI Imaging system for analyzing small to medium sized molecules. Its unrivaled eXtreme Resolution capability and sub-ppm mass accuracy, over a wide mass range, can differentiate images that are only mDa apart and are prerequisite for IFS analysis and formula confirmation. Analyze complex mixtures directly with the speed and robustness of MALDI. Visualize and map molecular distributions without molecular labels using MALDI Imaging, and determine molecular changes occurring in spatially significant regions of samples.

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