timsTOF fleX

The timsTOF fleX is a fully functional high speed, high sensitivity ESI instrument for all your X-Omics analyses with integrated MALDI source for fast MALDI Imaging
From 4D-OMICS to molecular imaging without stopping, changing, modifying or compromises

Dual source design to match PASEF® empowered LC-MS/MS identification with label-free spatial localization to decode the molecular make up of your sample

Built on the standard for shotgun proteomics, the timsTOF fleX combines best in class 4D X-Omics with Bruker’s cutting edge MALDI Imaging technology, including smartbeam 3D laser optics for fast measurement all in one platform. A dual source instrument ideal for SpatialOMx®, timsTOF fleX conducts robust ESI measurements and spatially resolves a wide range of molecules directly from tissue using one platform. No single instrument has before provided access to both essential capabilities for the most advanced OMICS researchers.


Spatial resolution



Bring a spatial dimension to X-Omics analyses

It has never been so easy to combine the regiospecificity of MALDI Imaging with in-depth X-Omics analyses. Applicable for examining a wide range of analytes, including metabolites, lipids or glycans, and seamlessly compatible with microscopy workflows, MALDI Imaging can identify regionally specific compound distributions for SpatialOMx® analyses. Cutting-edge instrumentation with a dual-source design paired with proofed high purity consumables for robust analyses and user-friendly software saves time and makes your research life easier. Use Bruker’s IntelliSlides for automated MALDI Imaging and SpatialOMx® workflows on the timsTOF fleX.


H&E stain of a breast cancer section with the histopathological annotation of the tumor region (left side) and overlay with the spatial segmentation result from the MALDI Imaging analysis (right side). Based on the molecular content measured by MALDI Imaging, tumor subtypes can be defined that allow for tissue specific laser microdissection (LMD) and in-depth Omics analysis after MALDI Imaging (image courtesy of Ron Heeren, Maastricht, Netherlands). TIMSTOF FLEX

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