With the device line MERLIN provides their customers a flexible degree of automation by using the MICRONAUT system.


MICRONAUT - Software - Designed for rapid reading, calculation and validation of MICRONAUT systems

MICRONAUT Software offers rapid and standardized reading, calculation, and interpretation of identification and susceptibility testing by using MICRONAUT systems

All patient data (specimen number, name, data of birth) and test types can be manually administered or imported from the mainframe. The MICRONAUT software generates work lists defining an optimized inoculation procedure considering an economic use of test plates.

Subsequently to evaluate the identification result is attached the corresponding susceptibility pattern.

This portion of the MICROANUT software checks the plausibility of the susceptibility test results. Identification results are compared with typical resistance profiles. In case of discrepancies to the typical profiles, additional tests are recommended for the corresponding isolates. Exceptional and impossible phenotypes can be detected.

The MICRONAUT software enables an optimal adjustment to your laboratory requirements. Besides the possibility of patient data registration and generation of ready to delivery laboratory findings, the MICRONAUT software can be extended by a quality control program and a statistic program.

Minimum hardware requirements
Standard PC with > 300 MHz clock frequency
> 128 MB main memory
> 100 MB free hard disk space


MICRONAUT ASTroID - The great fully automated workflow: MICRONAUT AST and MALDI-TOF

Automation of the workflow

  • Automated dilution procedures of the bacteria suspensions to perform microbial identification (MALDI-TOF) and antimicrobial susceptibility testing (MICRONAUT AST)
  • Precise inoculation of the MALDI-TOF targets
  • Processing of the specimen by adding matrix solution
  • Force drying by an integrated Peltier element
  • Inoculation of MICRONAUT MIC plates
  • Automated processing of up to 100 samples per hour

Standardization of the procedure

  • Identical samples for identification and susceptibility testing
  • Homogeneous sample dispersion onto the surface of the MALDI-TOF target for high grade identification results
  • Software-based allocation for definite positioning of the samples onto the MALDI-TOF target
  • Definite sample identification by complete bar code management of the sample tubes and MICRONAUT MIC plates
Precision™XS - Automatic pipetting device for MICRONAUT plates

What are the features of Precision™XS (a product of BioTek Instruments)?

MC Farland tubes are diluted automatically. The dispenser transfers this dilution with the necessary media into the microtiter plate.

How fast works Precision™XS?

Pipettes up to 50 microtiter plates (up to 200 tests) within 2 hours.

Further advantages of Precision™XS?

No need of additional Bouillon tubes or MICRONAUT reservoirs. Combined with BioStackTM the automated liquid handling throughput of 50 microtiter plates can be achieved.

Technical data
Measures: 51 x 76 x 56 cm
Weight: 29 kg
Software: Precision Power(TM) PC Software
Dispenser: 1-channel- and 8-channel-pipette, 8-channel dispenser

Photometer - Microplate photometer for fast and standardized reading of all MICRONAUT plates

For a fast and standardized reading of all MICRONAUT systems have been qualified several photometers. Which one of them might fulfill your requirements at its best, will be evaluated individually.



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