MALDI Biotyper IVD

Identifying Microorganisms by their Molecular Fingerprint

MALDI Biotyper® sirius IVD System

The MALDI Biotyper is acknowledged all over the world as the state-of-the-art system solution for the identification of microorganisms
The MALDI Biotyper identifies microorganisms using MALDI-TOF (Matrix Assisted Laser Desorption Ionization – Time of Flight) Mass Spectrometry to determine the unique protein fingerprint of an organism. The characteristic spectrum pattern of this protein fingerprint is used to reliably and accurately identify a particular microorganism by matching thousands of reference spectra of microorganism strains.

Every microorganism could be of clinical relevance
The MBT IVD reference library comprises spectra from thousands of strains for, currently, more than 2,400 species including the common clinical species and also rare microorganisms. The library is continuously updated according to strict quality controlled procedures.

The best technology from the experts in mass spectrometry
As the leader in MALDI-TOF technology it is of great importance to Bruker to design robust, compact high performance platforms intended for extensive and routine use in the microbiology laboratory.

Identifying Microorganisms by their Molecular Fingerprint

MALDI Biotyper is a modular system designed to be configured according to individual laboratory needs. Bruker offers laboratories the choice of the microbial MALDI-TOF mass spectrometer that best fits their needs:

  • The MALDI Biotyper based on the microflexTM LT/SH MALDI TOF mass spectrometer with N2 laser providing 60 Hz repetition rate.
  • The MALDI Biotyper based on the microflexTM LT/SH “smart” MALDI TOF mass spectrometer with Bruker’s proprietary smartbeamTM solid state laser technology providing 200 Hz repetition rate.
  • The new MALDI Biotyper sirius IVD System with Bruker’s 200 Hz smartbeam™ laser and latest developments in electronics

True bench-top solution
MALDI Biotyper is a low-noise operating system with low weight, requiring less than 1 meter of counter space, meeting laboratory needs for compact system solutions.

Easy to use
Intuitive software, WhisperMode™ for silent and pleasant operation.

High sensitivity
Resolution and sensitivity of the spectrometers are tailored to the needs of microbiologists. With the most sensitive detector technology available (FlashDetector™), users benefit from having the same high performance technology as large research-grade instruments without the need for unnecessary long and bulky instrument flight tubes.

Fast and gentle
With Smart Spectra AcquisitionTM, data generation is accelerated by minimizing the number of shots per sample needed to generate a signal. MALDI Biotyper systems offer the highest throughput for MALDI-TOF microbiology testing.

High accuracy
Greater than 98 percent accuracy compared to reference method 16S RNA sequencing in a multi-site clinical trial.

Highly reproducible results – run-to-run
The quick and simple Bacterial Test Standard (BTS) quality check performed before each run provides the highest standard of reproducibility.

Continuous operation
The self-cleaning MALDI PerpetualTM ion source permits continuous high performance with minimized maintenance requirements. Cleaning of the source using the separate IR-laser is performed easily under operator control.

Open Microbiology Concept
Open system with proven connectivity to a wide variety of lab devices.

Significantly reduces costs
Studies show MALDI Biotyper costs are as much as 80 percent lower than conventional microbiology methods.


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